Friday, January 20, 2006

Friday Humor

I am busy doing ohter things today, so I thought I would just leave you with this and wish everyone a good weekend.

Jon Stewart: Four years ago, el Presidente Bush first spoke of the Axis of Evil: Iran, Iraq and North Korea---a trio of dangerous nations. Obviously, since that time, Iraq has gotten a little more attention than the other two. [It] played Marcia Brady, if you will, to their Jan. Well, last week, Iran (or "Jan") of the Axis of Evil announced the resumption of its controversial uranium enrichment program, and threatened to block international inspectors from its nuclear sites.

So, a Muslim country [is] developing weapons of mass destruction, led by a man who hates America, in repeated defiance of the United Nations. President Bush...

Bush at press conference: We spent some time talking about the Iranian issue and the desire to solve this issue diplomatically by working together.

Stewart: Um...who are you? Where's our president?? Of course, it's a lot easier to be diplomatic when we've only got two armies left to deploy: Salvation and KISS. ... Okay, I know it's strange to hear the president use the "diplomacy" word, but he explains further...

Bush: Our job is to form a common consensus. And so...this is what we call diplomacy.

Stewart: Now, before you think President Bush is being condescending, he was responding to a question from Johnny Stupid of Dumbfuck Monthly.

---The Daily Show

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