Monday, March 26, 2007

As the Wheels Fall Off...

Not only is the bus the Bush is driving heading straight over a cliff, but it somehow has its wheels falling off at the same time. The question is, do all the wheels come off and the Bush administration become irrelevant prior to it going over the cliff, or is there enough momentum to carry the bus over the cliff regardless.

The U.S. prosecutor scandal continues to unravel in front of our eyes and the web of lies grows by the truck load.

Ironically, one of the aides to Alberto Gonzalez will invoke her civil liberties (the 5th amendment) and choose not to answer questions in front of congress on the grounds that she might incriminate herself, while at the same time, advancing the Bush administrations claim that no other person may seek the benefit of the constitution when it comes to trials, right to privacy, etc, etc, etc... Why not classify her as an enemy combatant. That way the same "interrogation" rules can be used on her to get the answers as they use in Gitmo. I suspect that this aide will crack once the first drop of water from her water boarding session hits her forehead. It amazes me that the people who do there best to discard the constitution are the first to invoke its protections once the heat is on them instead of the Quaker prayer groups that they are eavesdropping on.

Gonzales aide to invoke Fifth Amendment

At the same time, Gonzalez was caught in more lies over the weekend as the justice department released more documents to the congress. It turns out that despite claiming that he never read anything or attended any meetings in regards to the firing of the 8 U.S. prosecutors, Gonzalez did in fact attend meeting ans read memos on the Rove/Meires scheme to install more lap dogs in the Justice department. If there is one person in the entire Bush administration that needs (and I emphasize needs) to be on the up and up, it is the Attorney General. We expect the president to play partisan games. We expect the congress to play partisan games. But the entire judicial system, from the judges to the prosecutors must be of the highest level of non-partisanship in order for this entire thing we call democracy to work.

The administration flaunting of the legal system, as well as democracy itself has even got a Republican Senator talking about the possibility of impeachment. Chuck Hagel came right out and said that this administration views its self as a monarchy.

Senator: Some see impeachment as option

This administration began its self destructive path a long time ago. The only question is will it destroy itself before it also destroys us.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Let the Battle Start

The House just issued subpoenas for white house officials in the U.S. prosecutor flap that has been going on over the past two weeks. This will likely make its way to the courts if the white house officials do not respond to the subpoenas.

Bush has already stated that he will not allow his personnel to testify under oath and in public, stating that it would set a precedent if he allowed his officials to testify under oath. Of course, this is a bunch of crap. Clinton had 31 of his staff testify on capital hill under oath.

Bush is additionally making the claim that executive privilege allows him to assert the right not to allow white house officials to testify. This is related to an executive privilege claim that the president should be able to get advice from his staff in a confidential manner. This claim is also short sighted since none of the information being sought was between the president and his staff, but between staff members.

Why is he so afraid of having this all out in the open? There are no national security issues involved.

Probably, just like every thing else in this administration, pure and unadulterated unethical behavior is involved in the whole affair. The white house claimed that the dismissals of the prosecutors was due to performance, but that has proven to be false. Five of the prosecutors that were fired were involved with corruption investigations. When one of the prosecutors opened up a new investigation into corruption charges against a Republican, an e-mail was sent the very next day to Gonzalez's chief of staff saying that there was a "problem" with that prosecutor.

Win or lose in the court, Bush loses in the long run. People are tired of this administrations secretive policies that hide everything from the American people. This only adds one more log to the fire of disbelief of president Bush.

House panel OKs Rove, Miers subpoenas
By LAURIE KELLMAN, Associated Press Writer

WASHINGTON - A House panel on Wednesday approved subpoenas for President Bush's political adviser, Karl Rove and other top White House aides, setting up a constitutional showdown over the firings of eight federal prosecutors.

By voice vote, but with some "no" votes heard, the House Judiciary subcommittee on commercial and administrative law decided to compel the president's top aides to testify publicly and under oath about their roles in the firings.

The White House has refused to budge in the controversy, standing by embattled Attorney General Alberto Gonzales and insisting that the firings were appropriate. White House spokesman Tony Snow said that in offering aides to talk to the committees privately, Bush had sought to avoid the "media spectacle" that would result from public hearings with Rove and others at the witness table.

"The question they've got to ask themselves is, are you more interested in a political spectacle than getting the truth?" Snow said of the overture Tuesday by the White House via its top lawyer, Fred Fielding.

"There must be accountability," countered subcommittee Chairwoman Linda Sanchez (news, bio, voting record), D-Calif.

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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Libby Found Guilty

I haven't had much time for bloggin lately, but this deserves a mention.

Libby has just been found guilty on 4 out of the 5 indictments in the CIA/Valerie Plame leak case. He was acquitted on one count of lying to the FBI.

My prediction, Libby will stay out of jail while this is appealed. Another 6 months to a year later, his conviction will be upheld, just in time for Bush to pardon him after the '08 election.