Monday, March 26, 2007

As the Wheels Fall Off...

Not only is the bus the Bush is driving heading straight over a cliff, but it somehow has its wheels falling off at the same time. The question is, do all the wheels come off and the Bush administration become irrelevant prior to it going over the cliff, or is there enough momentum to carry the bus over the cliff regardless.

The U.S. prosecutor scandal continues to unravel in front of our eyes and the web of lies grows by the truck load.

Ironically, one of the aides to Alberto Gonzalez will invoke her civil liberties (the 5th amendment) and choose not to answer questions in front of congress on the grounds that she might incriminate herself, while at the same time, advancing the Bush administrations claim that no other person may seek the benefit of the constitution when it comes to trials, right to privacy, etc, etc, etc... Why not classify her as an enemy combatant. That way the same "interrogation" rules can be used on her to get the answers as they use in Gitmo. I suspect that this aide will crack once the first drop of water from her water boarding session hits her forehead. It amazes me that the people who do there best to discard the constitution are the first to invoke its protections once the heat is on them instead of the Quaker prayer groups that they are eavesdropping on.

Gonzales aide to invoke Fifth Amendment

At the same time, Gonzalez was caught in more lies over the weekend as the justice department released more documents to the congress. It turns out that despite claiming that he never read anything or attended any meetings in regards to the firing of the 8 U.S. prosecutors, Gonzalez did in fact attend meeting ans read memos on the Rove/Meires scheme to install more lap dogs in the Justice department. If there is one person in the entire Bush administration that needs (and I emphasize needs) to be on the up and up, it is the Attorney General. We expect the president to play partisan games. We expect the congress to play partisan games. But the entire judicial system, from the judges to the prosecutors must be of the highest level of non-partisanship in order for this entire thing we call democracy to work.

The administration flaunting of the legal system, as well as democracy itself has even got a Republican Senator talking about the possibility of impeachment. Chuck Hagel came right out and said that this administration views its self as a monarchy.

Senator: Some see impeachment as option

This administration began its self destructive path a long time ago. The only question is will it destroy itself before it also destroys us.


Carl said...

Gonzales has indeed been confused and contradictory--but not criminal. US Attorneys are not Civil Service positions; they serve at the pleasure of the President, and normally are replaced with loyalists by each new Administration (Clinton, for example, required all 93 to resign when Janet Reno took office). Dingo, you're a smart guy--if you don't know this, what does that say about how the media is covering this story?

Still, I think Gonzales should resign, because he's demonstrated he can't manage the Department of Justice.

Dingo said...


You are correct, they do serve at the pleasure of the president.

BUT, the president cannot remove them for political reasons. While they are political appointees, they are supposed to opperate independant of the administration on a non-partisan basis. Additionally, they are supposed to be confirmed by the Senate. The president was trying to appoint new people without the approval of the Senate.

Additionally, it is criminal if the firings were done to stop, hinder or accelarate the judicial process. Was it done for that reason? That is disputable. I don't think anyone (other than the insiders) can make a difinative argument either way on it.