Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Webb Wins Va. Democratic Primary

It looks like it may be an interesting Senate election in Virginia this year. George Allan, who has presidential aspirations, may be getting a bigger run for his money in the 2006 mid-terms than he was planning on.

James Webb, a fairly conservative Democrat received the nod in the Democratic primaries yesterday. Webb, a decorated Viet Nam war vet and 2nd amendment supporter will probably draw away some of the moderate Republicans, as well as lock up most of the moderate Democratic vote. The far left liberals might not like his style, but it the base can mobilize, it may just be a close one. Webb is one of the many former Republicans who have left the party since they no longer feel welcome in the increasingly religious right GOP.

Allen has recently come under criticism for his admiration of the confederate flag and allegations of racial graffiti back in his high school days will have a hard time with the moderate vote. I believe it was as late at '92 that Allen had displayed the confederate flag in a campaign photo. Allen, who has always run fairly far right will now have to move even farther right in his re-election bid.

Chuck Schumer of New York has already endorsed Webb, which has got him some grief from the far left in the party. But, Webb probably does have the best shot at derailing Allen's Senate campaign. And depending on how this election is run, may derail his presidential aspirations, even if Allen is able to win re-election.

I give the odds to Allen at this point, but if he starts swift boating Webb, I think that it will play poorly on a national level since Webb does not have the same history as Kerry, and Allen has no service record of his own. The Va. Democratic party also has a long way to go in solidifying its party behind Webb.

Webb Will Try To Turn Past GOP Loyalty Into Advantage

Webb Wins Democratic Nomination In Virginia

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