Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Why Do Today What You Can Put Off Until Tomorrow

Yesterday, President Bush stated that he will put off announcing his plans for changes in his Iraq policy until after the new year. As of right now, we have gone into a "new way forward."

And by a new way forward, he means a new way forward... to a new slogan.

Seriously, if they had put as much time into actually planning and executing the war as they put into coming up with new catchy slogans, we might have been able to win this thing.

First it was "Mission Accomplished" - Well, turns out that the mission wasn't accomplished, so they had to scrap that.

Then they moved to "The Next Phase" - Unfortunately, the next phase was a phase into insurgency.

After that, we had "Stay the Course" - Again, that course was right over a cliff

Then came "Adapt and Change" - This, of course, referred to the Bush administrations slogans and not actually policy. The policy remained stay the course. The only thing adapted or changed was Bush's catch phrase.

Now, it is "A New Way Forward" - Again, this appears only to be a way forward to a new slogan. He just needed enough time for his PR team to come up with a new slogan... Because, you know... a good slogan solves everything.

I am thinking the next one will be "What? Like You've Got a Better Idea" - But then again, I think Mrs. Harding's 3rd grade class could actually come up with a better idea, so that might not be a good one.

"It's A Hard Job Being the President" has already been used, so that is right out the window.

With any luck, then next slogan will be "Whatever Dude! I Quit!"


mcewen said...

I certainly feel like that ought to be my logo of the moment. I don't now how the average American survives this Season. We have 4 birthdays in December too, plus all the school stuff, but no matter, we'll start the real holiday season in another 3 days - better late than never. Cheers

Dingo said...

Good luck to ya... It will all be over soon.

The Smoke Eater said...

Hey there Dingo - long time no talk bud - First, I did move - my new url is "" - and I do apologize for this being "off topic" but - TAG YOUR IT!