Thursday, September 11, 2008

Palin Charged Rape Victims For Rape Kits

Ok, it is time to get back into the game. I was trying to devote my time to actually making a difference in my community instead of focusing on national politics, but the McCain/Palin campaign has started to so distort truth that I can no longer stand by and be a passive watcher.

Palin is obviously not the person she like to project and she is no friend to women. I had heard rumors that Palin, as mayor, had charged rape victims for a rape kit to be collected, but I finally was able to confirm it.

As an attorney, this is an absolute outrage to justice. To think that you would require a woman who has been raped to pay for the forensic evidence that would be needed to convict the rapist is obscene. If you are poor and can't afford to pay for a rape kit, the rapist will most likely walk away scott free, able to rape again and again.

As the mayor, you are charged with protecting the citizens in you community, but Sara Palin could care less about the safety of women she was elected to protect. This rule was so outrageous, a state wide law had to be passed to ban her policies of charging rape victims seeking justice.

What would have been next for Palin... making the surviving spouse who lost their entire family to a drunk drive pay for the breathalyzer to prove the driver was drunk?

Palin is wrong for women and wrong for America.

Alaska pols: Wasilla charged victims for rape kits

Palin's town used to bill victims for rape kits

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