Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Brown Shirts Return

I know that the majority of Republicans are decent people, but for the love of god, what is happening to the party. It is being overrun by thugs.

I have been to plenty of political rallies, both Democratic and Republican. At both I have seen emotions high,but violent intent seems to be the norm at GOP rallies these days.

In 1995 I went to see Bob Dole speak at a rally. There were some Clinton supporters with signs across the street, but no one payed them attention. In fact, we had prior knowledge that there was one guy who planned on doing a "silent protest" of Dole's policy, so being the snarks we were, a friend and I printed up placards that stated we were protesting silent protests and followed him around... silently, of course.

Now, you take you life in your own hands if you dare show an ounce of decent a Republican rallies. (McCain Miami Rally, Getting Ugly Down Here)

Other rallies, McCain supporters shout out death threats, racial epithets, and other slurs. At one rally, a African-American camera man was called a nigger and told to "sit down boy."

And, it is not only the crowds that are getting belligerent. Elected GOP office holders are telling crowds that, unless you agree with them, you are not a "real American" and that you hate god.

I won't even go as far as associating the skin heads what plotted to kill Obama with the GOP even though, I am fairly certain they were not voting Democratic this year.

This whole thing is like some strange convergence of McCarthyism and Brown Shirt intimidation tactics. The GOP is in tatters now and I would be ashamed to be associated with a party that has sunk so low. There is nothing constructive coming out of the GOP these days, only destructive behavior to tear down everybody instead of building anyone up.

If you are a Republican reading this, get a hold of your party. It is decending into chaos and your candidates are leading the charge.


Anonymous said...

I understand that some can get very emotive at election times, however, as a Christian Brit I find it very difficult to understand why so many of your countrymen wish to vote for a man who supports acts such as this!

Len said...

You think things are hateful now, just wait until next Wednesday. It's really gonna hit the fan.

davidcarney said...

Some recent comments from Gov. Jindal (R) of Louisiana are surprisingly similar in their criticism of Republican tactics and values. Maybe Jindal's going

Dingo said...

I have a friend who works for Jindal. No way he is going independant.

Dingo said...

Curly, That story is a gross mistatment of the truth.