Thursday, February 09, 2006


The Republican controlled House stepped in a big pile of dog crap on the way to the office today.

After much resistance and whining, the GOP finally replaced indicted Tom DeLay as the Republican leader last week.

So, the bum is out. "Great!" you might think. Well, not so fast. Tom DeLays consolation prize? As spot on the most coveted committee in Congress. The appropriations committee. The spot was open because the last Republican to hold the seat (Cunningham) is in jail for accepting bribes. So, they replaced a convicted criminal with an indicted criminal... good thinking guys.

Why is this committee so coveted? Well, that is because that is the committee that doles out the money. That is the committee that has 80% of the lobbyists targeting.

Adding insult to injury for the Republican hopes of getting out from under the "culture of corruption" name that has dogged them for the past year, DeLay was also named to the sub-committee on Judicial Affairs. This is the committee in charge of the investigation of influence-peddling scandal involving convicted lobbyist Jack Abramoff, who is directly tied to DeLay. This is like putting the accused criminal in charge of the court proceedings.

The GOP is loyal to their big money man, I'll give them that. But when you are trying to move on from ethics scandals, you don't put DeLay (the fox) in charge of the hen house.

Democrats have pulled some stupid moves lately, but this tops all of those. The GOP just made the attack ad commercials for the Dems without the Dems having to lift a finger.

DeLay Lands Coveted Appropriations Spot

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