Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Passing of Coretta Scott King

Monday marked the passing of a great woman, great leader, a great American, and a great inspiration. Coretta Scott King carried on in the civil rights struggle after many of us would have folded up and gone home. She endured bombings, death threats, violence, and the death of her husband, but never gave in, never gave up.

Watching the people who knew her well speak on her achievements and sacrifices, it is a sad reminder of from where we came, how much more we have to go, and how much our principles have drifted from those four decades before.

They sought to unify the nation... we seek to divide it.

They sought to dignify America... we seek to undermine it.

They sought to better America... we seek to better own interest of small subsections and individuals.

The nation is as divided now as it was then, but we don't have the same leaders now that can pull us together and lead us forward. I don't see anyone soon who can fill the shoes of those who we are losing.

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