Thursday, March 30, 2006

Thanks But No Thanks

An organization that represents more that 70% of Army chaplains is opposing a demand from conservative Congressmen that chaplains be able to pray in the name of Jesus.

Congressmen are demanding that the president issue an order to guarantee that chaplains are allowed to pray in the name of Jesus. But, the chaplains are saying that such an order is not necessary. The issue began with some military personnel, including chaplains, complaining that some chaplains were abusing their positions. Apparently, all the hub-bub is for not.

Chaplains Group Opposes Prayer Order

An association that represents more than 70 percent of the chaplains in the U.S. military, including many evangelical Christians, is opposing a demand by conservatives in Congress for a presidential order guaranteeing the right of chaplains to pray in the name of Jesus.

The rising calls for an executive order are based on "confusion and misinformation," because Christian chaplains routinely pray in the name of Jesus, in public, thousands of times a week in military chapels around the world, said the Rev. Herman Keizer Jr., chairman of the National Conference on Ministry to the Armed Forces.

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