Wednesday, April 26, 2006

50% Right, But Yet 100% Wrong - Continued

In continuing my post from yesterday (50% Right, But Yet 100% Wrong), and how off track Bush is on suspending the Clean Air Act to save a few cents a gallon on gas prices, I wanted to point out the other effects this will have besides the increase in deaths, respiratory problems, and the strain it will put on our health care system.

Bush is also working against the market forces that would increase production of ethanol and other cleaner fuels. One of the issues, among many, that have helped rise the price of gas is the shortage of ethanol to mix with petroleum gas for the summer months. By suspending the Clean Air Act, Bush is undercutting the market forces that would increase production of ethanol and the production of it in a more efficient manner.

By waving the requirements that ethanol be mixed in our gas, you decrease the incentive for new producers to enter the market because the market will not sustain the production of it. Not only does this undercut the market this year, but it will put us in an even worse position next year.

While Bush talks about the need to increase our alternative fuel production, he is actively undercutting our ability to do it. He will be turning a "temporary" fix into a "permanent" problem.

He is not only selling out your short term health, he is also selling out your long term health and long term national security. This makes us more, not less dependant, on oil.

Bush Calls For Probe Of Rising Gas Prices

At the same time, Republicans in Congress have knocked out a provision what would raise the taxes on the record profits by oil companies. Despite GOP rhetoric, nothing is being done.

GOP Blocks Measures Boosting Taxes on Oil Companies' Profits

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