Friday, April 14, 2006

More than Just Peaceniks

Six retired generals have joined the ranks of the realists in calling for the ousting of Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld.

Noting blunder after blunder, the retired generals point to poor leadership and mismanagement from the civilian head of the military (List of Defense secretary's critics gets longer). The latest to speak out, Retired Maj. Gen. John Batiste, spoke on the News Hour last night, listing the ways in which the war has been mishandled. He claims that the word from the field has been ignored time and time again. He also denies that there was been any coordinated plan to oust Rummy. All the generals have come forth on their own volition (Ex-General: Rumsfeld Deserves Criticism).

The generals don't contend that we should have not invaded Iraq. They still believe it was the right call. But they all claim that the prosecution of the war has been hampered since day one by interference and lack of back up from the Pentagon.

Being true to his tenure, Bush is backing the besieged SoD (White House Defends Rumsfeld's Tenure). Firing Rummy would mean that Bush concedes that mistakes have been made, and we all know that he hates to do that. To Bush, Rummy leaving would be the strongest indictment against his failed war planning (Replace Rumsfeld).

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tommy said...

Generals are a political appointment, not unlike judges, meaning some of them are very political and some of them aren't. So depending on who it is, the story could be surprising because they've only found 6 that are speaking out, or significant in that these particular guys are the ones saying it.

My point is you wouldn't find it surprising for Wesley Clark to speak out against it, and that he's not unique in his political aspirations.