Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Fred Thompson? Seriously?

The republicans must really be in big problems if they see Fred Thompson as their savior in 2008. Thompson is long in the reputation as being lazy and an absolute minimalist, only doing things for recognition and not for purpose.

While a Senator, his legislative history was as thin as Kate Moss after a bad bout with the stomach flu. A former aide is quoted as saying:

"While the Senate is filled with ambitious men who aren't in a rush to get home at night, Senator Thompson kept a lean formal schedule, did the bare minimum to get by and then hightailed [it] to the Prime Rib or the Capital Grille."

Another lobbyist is quoted as saying

"He was viewed as a lazy son of gun who would say at two in the afternoon, 'I'm done.' Can you name one major piece of legislation he authored? I can't."

But his pension for apathy stretches his entire adult life.

His high school football coach in Lawrenceburg, Tenn., told the Nashville Tennessean, "He was smart, but he was lazy. He probably could have been a straight-A student if he'd applied himself."

Another former coach commented on his need for attention at the cost of his team:

``He wasn't a real good football player because he liked to have fun and didn't take it that serious,'' said Garner Ezell, 74, a former assistant coach for the team. ``He was popular and he liked attention, and would do things to get it.''

In one incident recalled by Ezell and others, Thompson appeared to be injured during a game. The coach ran out to see if he was all right and a smiling Thompson greeted him by asking, ``How's the crowd taking it?''

But, even if he is lazy and narcissistic, that doesn't even start to touch his other pension for corruption and the subsequent cover ups.

Thompson was the lead in procuring a legal defense fund for Scooter Libby after Libbey lied to the grand jury and was prosecuted for perjury. So, we already know that Thompson shares the Bush doctrine of "its only a crime if I say it is a crime."

Additionally, while Thompson has touted himself as a hard nose prosecutor during the Watergate scandal, it is now shown that he was a friend to the Nixon white house and even tipped the white house off that the infamous tapes were known about. So, the corrupt Nixon white house viewed him as an asset in the cover up even while calling him "dumb as hell" and viewing him as lackluster.

The political ads will be fun to watch if he is to pull down the GOP nomination. Americans are tired of the corruption in Washington and Fred Thompson is tied directly to it.

He is a fine nominee in my opinion since I want a democrat elected, but the fact that he is doing so well with republicans absolutely floors me. Do they really think that we want 4 more years of secret government, corruption and malfeasance... that is if he is actually motivated enough to do malfeasance. Otherwise, it looks like it would be 4 years of a lazy administration not fixing domestic affairs, not fixing foreign affairs, and 4 years of prime rib dinners.

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