Friday, May 13, 2005

Tom Delay Love Fest '05

It was a Tom DeLay love fest last night as conservatives circled the wagons to protect the embattled DeLay.

The crowd dined on filet mignon and salmon and a dessert of red-white-and-blue frosted cake decorated with candy hammers, a reference to the nickname DeLay earned when he was House majority whip.

Does it bother anyone that these people worship someone who is known for being a bully and a tyrant. Not only that, but make baked goods idolizing his being a bully. Nice message to send to our kids... its bad to be a bully, unless you are a Congressional leader or a nominee to the UN.

"Tom DeLay is the most effective leader the House has seen in 50 years," Rep. Tom Feeney, a Florida Republican

To know more about Tom Feeney, see my next post down. He is so far up DeLay's back side, he could tell you what kind of gum DeLay is chewing.

As you would expect, it turned quite ugly inside the gala.

Instead, DeLay told the crowd that as Republicans helped Americans find jobs and helped the country recover from the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, Democrats offered the country nothing.

This was the most repulsive thing that I think DeLay has said to date. First, the Republicans try to claim religion. Now, they are trying to claim 9/11? The days and months after 9/11 was the first time this nation had come together in many years. liberals and conservatives, young and old, black and white, we stood as one nation. We survived and rebuilt as one nation. I rarely swear on my or any other blog, so please excuse my French, but FUCK YOU DELAY!

I would go on, but I really feel like even giving this man the value of my spittle.

DeLay fires back during gala, says Dems have 'no class'

A Heaping Helping of Devotion

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