Friday, July 15, 2005

Frist Trying to Squeak By With Senate Bill 397

Bill Frist is trying to sneak the Leave No Gun Dealer Behind law. The bill would create immunity for gun makers and dealers from law suit, even if they are grossly negligent in distributing their product.

To prohibit civil liability actions from being brought or continued against manufacturers, distributors, dealers, or importers of firearms or ammunition for damages, injunctive or other relief resulting from the misuse of their products by others.

If you are a gun owner and believe that the best way to stop gun violence is to keep guns out of the hands of criminals, then you should oppose this bill.

Here is how it works. A straw man (bad guy #1) goes into a gun dealer and buys 3 or 4 guns a week and then takes them out to the street and resells them to Mr. Criminal who can't buy a gun legally. Mr. Gun dealer makes a tidy profit from the sales, so says nothing. Mr. Gun maker makes a tidy profit from the sales, so does nothing.

Why should a gun dealer who is selling guns to straw men and the dealer knows these guns are just being resold to criminals be free from penalty. If this law is passed, it will only make it more likely that guns will end up in the hands of the wrong people because there is no incentive for the gun dealer to ask questions about why someone may need to purchase 50 guns per year. This law would also protect a gun dealer who sells multiple .50 calibur rifles to terrorists who use it against us. Mr. Gun dealer gets to sit back and laugh as he watches his new big screen TV.

If a liquor store is selling vodka to someone they know is turning right around and selling it too kids, is that ok? What if that kid drinks himself to death or kills a family of 4 in a drunk driving accident? Its the kids fault and no one elses, right?


Boomr said...

Unfortunately, before any real action to regulate guns occurs, I think someone's going to have to amend the amendment. Add some sort of additional provision to the 2nd amendment limiting it to certain types of guns (like hunting rifles) but prohibiting handguns or machine guns.

Again unfortunately, that will probably have to wait until a different Congress and administration is in power. The least we can do right now is block the bill currently on the floor.

By the way, the way to get around Frist's bill (if it passes) is to redefine "misuse." I would think a use for which the product was intended is not "misuse," and if the gun maker knows of certain propensities of its dealers and customers for criminal activity, then it could be argued that the guns were used for the very purpose for which they were manufactured when "misused" in such crimes.

Anonymous said...

How can you lie about this common
sense bill? the only people hurt by it is anti second admendmet
freaks and greedy trial shysters.

Anonymous said...

boomr wants to ban handguns.
They are used in self defense
millions of times. Machine guns
are tightly regulated now.
Boomr is spouting nonsense

Anonymous said...

One of the Amendments to Senate Bill 397, was #1645, to regulate the sale and possession of armor piercing ammunition, brought by Senator Craig of Idaho. Guess who voted against it ... those same Mongoloids who keep saying they are "Fighting Crime to make our streets a lot safer." ... namely: Akaka, Boxer, Corzine, Feingold, Kennedy, Lautenberg, Lieberman, Levin, Reed, Sarbanes and Wyden.
That was right after good old "Chappaquidick Bridge" Kennedy got up and demaned some protection for Police Officers from those cop killer bullets. Boomr is an idiot if he thinks the House will vote against the Bill. Let's ask those Mongoloid Senators why they voted against #1645 .. at Election Time!
"Anonymous" Jack Walsh

Dingo said...

"One of the Amendments to Senate Bill 397, was #1645"

Well mr. "Jack Walsh," The reason they voted against the amendment is because it aleady exists as law. Read Section 922(a) of title 18, United States Code. This section already makes this illegal.

Dingo said...

Anon - "the only people hurt by it is anti second admendmet
freaks and greedy trial shysters."

Please go spend a couple days in the New Orleans 9th ward.