Monday, December 20, 2004

How the Terrorist Won the War...

Pack you bags and close the green zones in Iraq and Afghanistan because the war on Terror is over and we were the losers. According to a poll by Cornell University (Link to Story), nearly half (44%) of Americans believe that Muslims in America should have their civil liberties curtailed. The findings:

44% of poll participants said the civil liberties of Muslims should be restricted
27% percent of respondents favoring mandatory registration with the government
26% said authorities should monitor mosques
29% percent supported undercover law enforcement infiltrating Muslim volunteer and civic groups
22% said the federal government should profile citizens as potential threats based on the fact that they are Muslim or have Middle Eastern heritage

What I am about to write is not "blame America first," but blame America when it deserves to be blamed. These poll results make me alternate between sickness and sadness. It shows that we are losing the war on terrorism because we are losing America. It doesn't matte what happens overseas because we lost at home. An interesting aspect of the study I saw in this study was the difference in numbers between Democrats and Republicans.

"40% of Republican respondents agreed that Muslim Americans should be required to register their whereabouts, compared with 24 percent of Democratic respondents and 17 percent of independents. Forty-one percent of Republican respondents said that Muslim American civic groups should be infiltrated, compared with 21 percent of Democrats and 27 percent of independents."

I hear over and over from the right how Democrats "don't really" love our country, but this poll shows otherwise. 40% of Republicans don't believe in freedom! How can you claim to love your country and make people register their religious beliefs? Or is this just a new strategy that the right has not yet divulged to the left. Since Bush claims terrorist attack us because they hate our freedom... We'll just get rid of freedom and they will no longer hate us. We'll just give away our freedom of worship and freedom of speech. So much for the days of "my only regret is that I only have one life to give." Now it is "my only regret is this stupid constitution standing in my way." There are a lot of good Republicans out there. Good Republican people who don't believe in this crap. It is your duty to sit the rest of your idiot brethren down and explain to them how wrong they are. If you work on them, I'll work on the 24% of the idiots on the left who feel the same. Is it a deal?

The fact that 27% (that's one out of every four Americans) of respondents want Muslims to register with the government is wrong on so many levels. First, it is unconstitutional, and blatantly so (so much for the freedom of religion). Second, it is way too close to Nazi Germany where the Jews had to register with the government. The Nazi's said, "don't worry... it's for your own protection." May I remind the American people, it was not just Jews killed in those camps. It was also gypsies, Christians, handicapped, Slavs, etc. It starts out with one group and then moves on to others. Next, its the Black and Hispanics since they have gang violence in minority neighborhoods. Then it is the Catholics because they answer to a "papist dictator." So on and so on. As the saying goes "freedom is not free." This means that we must wake up every day and reaffirm our belief and struggle against tyranny in the face of our own insecurities. It does not me that we give up freedom in order to stay free. It doesn't work that way. When you give away the freedoms of another American so you can feel safer, you give up being an American because you have given away her soul.


Anonymous said...


It's a matter of the security of our country, it's a matter of saving the lives of our CITIZENS. Every non-citizen should be identified by the government, should be required to carry an ID at all times and the government should have an unrestrained ability to protect our lives. Did 9/11 teach you nothing?


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Menagerie said...

Amen, Dingo.