Friday, July 21, 2006

Bush Logic

Ok, let me get this straight.

In regards to stem cell research, Bush thinks it is wrong to "kill innocent life" in order to potentially save the lives of millions more.

But, in regards to 30,000 plus Iraqi civilians killed in the Iraq war, is it ok to "kill innocent life" in order to bring democracy and the potential of peace.

In regards to homeland security, it is better to have security than freedom.

But, in regards to Iraq, it is better to have freedom than security.

It is good that we have the "snow flake babies" that were created from fertilized eggs as a bi-product of fertility treatments.

But, it is also ok to disregard the fact that without stem cell research and the destruction of many embryos, we would never had developed the technology that allows people to have test tube babies and the frozen embryos that eventually resulted in "snow flake babies."

It is ok to veto a bill that would allow researchers to develop cures for disease and disability.

But, it is not a problem that the embryos that he is stopping from being used in research will be destroyed anyway.

Am I getting this all right?

I think Jon Stewart said it best on the Daily Show. The way to change Bush's mind on this is to re-name stem cell research.

Instead, it shall forever be know as "The War on terrorible Diseases."

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