Monday, July 17, 2006

Veto Threat Again

Bush is again threatening to pull out the veto pen. He seems to only think about pulling out for really bad political moves. This time it is for embryonic stem cell research. The proposed bills would allow researches to use embryos that are going to be flushed down the toilet anyway as the result of fertility treatments. The majority of Americans endorse this type of research.

You will notice that Bush doesn't veto spending bills, just bills that have the potential to save lives and lead to a better quality of life. I will never be able to figure this guy out.

This, like immigration, is certain to split the Republican party. The social conservative vs. the somewhat intelligent.

Stem-Cell Bills Top Senate Agenda
July 17, 2006; Page A4

WASHINGTON -- The Senate turns Monday to the sensitive issue of stem-cell research, with political concerns driving the topic and the timing.

Expanding federal aid to researchers who use stem cells derived from embryos, a popular idea but one opposed by some antiabortion lawmakers, gives Democrats the chance to make political hay before the November elections. It also gives Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, who supports expanded funding, an opportunity to raise his standing with moderates and the medical and scientific communities as he considers a 2008 White House run.

Yet the Tennessee Republican is eager to dispatch the matter before the midterm elections, to minimize damage to Sen. Jim Talent of Missouri and other antiabortion Republicans in tight races.

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