Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Bush's First Veto

The bills that would expand federal funding for life saving research on embryonic stem cells passed the Senate yesterday and is expected to be vetoed by the president later today.

Of all the things that the president could have vetoed in the preceding five and a half years, he chooses one that the majority of the American people support, the majority of the Senate supports, and the majority of the House of Representatives support.

Instead of vetoing any of the explosion in earmarks, he is going to veto something that has the potential to help hundreds of thousands of Americans. He claims it is for moral reasons - the sanctity of human life.

These stem cells, of course, are marked for destruction anyway. They would never develop into babies. They will be destroyed, and along with them, the chance to cure disease and disability.

What about the sanctity of life for those who could benefit from this research? What about the quantity and quality of life for those who suffer from Parkinson's disease or paralysis? Bush's anti-intellectual and anti-science policies discount the value of our lives and places more value on something that will never be.

He is willing to sacrifice the lives of our soldiers to protect the many. He says this is justified. He is willing to sacrifice the lives of innocent civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan for a greater good, but he is not willing to do the same for research.

His policy is the betrayal of every American who suffers or will suffer from a curable disease. He betrays the families and loved ones of these people. Why are our lives less valuable than embryos that are to be destroyed regardless.

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