Monday, July 31, 2006

Read the Writing On the Wall

The Republicans decided to release their campaign strategy today...

I thought that Democrats were doing enough to possibly kill there own chances of retaking the House and Senate this year, but then the Republicans decide to go and be idiots in their own right.

Campaign slogan #1: "Democrats in Congress will raise taxes"

Not exactly a winning slogan guys. A plurality of Americans see that the ballooning deficit is going to do us more damage than good. At this point, during a war, most Americans are willing to do their part to ensure that the troops are cared for... the elderly are cared for... kids are educated... and we don't pass along all of our debts to future generations. Republicans just sound like spoiled kids at this point. They want all of the benefits without any of the responsibility.

Campaign slogan #2; "Democrats are Cut and Run"

Hello... Wake up call to the GOP. The majority of Americans want a phased withdrawal of U.S. troops starting this year, ending with the majority of the troops out by the end of next year. "Stay the course" is about as far from popular demand as you can get. Iraq is not a mining issue... Hello!

Campaign slogan #3: "Democrats will proceed with impeachment proceedings against President Bush."

While the majority of Americans don't want Bush to be impeached, his approval rating is in the mid 30's. Again, not exactly a winner when it comes to a campaign slogan. First, every one knows that Cheney is the Vice President. Impeachment is not really an option. Additionally, while most Americans don't want Bush impeached, they are not going to be crying into their beers if he is. If you have to choose between affordable health care and a livable minimum wage, or the presidents neck, they are going with their own interest. Why are they going to be concerned about the presidents employment when they are more occupied about loosing their own job to India.

The GOP could have come up with a lot better things, but they decided to go with a lot of weak arguments...

Thanks guys.

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