Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Bush Pushes Forward with Privatizing the IRS

The Bush administration is pushing forward in its plan to privatize IRS debt collection even though... well... it is stupid.

Congressman Rothman (D-NJ) was able to attach an amendment to block Bush's plan to privatize the IRS, but it doesn't seem to phase the administration plan to implement the idea.

So, now we will have all of our personal information flowing back and forth between the government and the private debt collectors.

It may be a good thing... you know... because I have never heard of a private collector harassing people mercilessly. And I am sure that there would be no increased security risk in the increased flow of our financial data, including our social security numbers and bank account numbers, back and forth from the government to the private sector. Afterall, the government itself never loses any of our personal data...

Six years and I am still waiting for Bush to have one... just one good idea.

Rothman Amendment to Stop the Privatization of Tax Collection Passes

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tommy said...

I don't really have much of an opinion on this but I did spend some time working for the IRS. There is no way a private firm could be anywhere near as vicious about collecting as some stuff I've seen the IRS pull.

Marcy said...

Gee, that's just scary. When will he stop with the insanity.