Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Connecticut at the Forefront

Well, I am back from an absolutely unforgetable vacation in the Granite State. Coming home, I had to pass through my old stomping grounds in Connecticut. All of the signs for the polling places are up. I think this primary is one of the biggest elections to hit the state in who knows how long.

I kind of wish that I could still vote in CT. I would be voting for Lieberman without question. He does not agree with me on all of my issues, but he has been a long time leader and supporter of the middle of the Democratic party, and has done a tremendous job serving the people of CT. If he is able to pull this one out, he will, without doubt, have to modify his support for the war in Iraq. While it is imperative for a leader to "lead," it is also imperative in a democracy for a leader to also "follow" the people who elected him. There is a fine line between being a leader who is receptive to the will of the people, and a panderer. I believe if Lieberman is re-elected, he will be the former and not the latter.

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