Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Republicans Claim Credit For Something They Scoffed Before

I find it just a little bit ironic that the "police action" that broke the recent UK terror plot was the same type "police action" that Republicans scoffed at during the 2004 elections and made fun of Kerry for endorsing. Now Bush is rejoicing in it... And it wasn't even Americans who uncovered it.

Instead, in 2004, the Republicans decided the police actions were for the pansies and that we have to take the fight to them overseas. How silly they look now.

Unfortunately, for the neo-cons, it was exactly the type of war that Kerry wanted to wage that foiled this plot. Bush's "war on terror", AKA "War and Saddam 'cause he went after my Daddy," AKA "What the Fu** was he thinking" did nothing, would have done nothing, and never will do anything to protect us from these types of terrorists. Taking "the fight to them" has done nothing to lessen the threat of terrorism on our own soil, and has only diverted our resources from home.

In the mean time, Bush is trying to take back money that Congress earmarked for the DHS to use specifically to develop new technologies to detect explosive materials in air port security check points. Congress gave $6,000,000 for the development of new technologies and Bush is trying to now take it back.

Seriously, this guy is completely out of touch with reality. He is even claiming that Hezbollah was defeated by Israel in the month long war (Bush says Israel defeated Hezbollah, Hezbollah the Loser In Battle, Bush Says). I am all for Israel kicking the snot out of Hezbollah, but at best, this was a draw. In the long run, it looks like a minor defeat for the IDF. Is there anything that he thinks we are not winning? Perhaps the "war on homosexuals" since they didn't pass the marriage ban?

Update: This is a good article by George Will that pretty much explains my feelings on why Hezbollah was the winner here, not the IDF.

The Triumph of Unrealism

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