Monday, September 11, 2006

9/11 Remembered

Today is not about partisan politics, and shame on anyone who makes it so. Today is about remembering those who lost there lives on a beautiful September morning for no other reason than hate.

It is another beautiful September morning here in New York, much like that day five years ago. It is hard to imagine that so much carnage can happen on a day such as this. I watched some of the memorial this morning. The pain is still there for those who lost loved ones. The anxiety in New York is still drilled deep into our souls.

I will leave you today with what I wrote last year on this somber day. It is nothing special in the grand scope of how words can hurt or heal. Just words about being American. A year has gone by and many things have changed, and many remain the same...

For me, I spent 9/11 doing one of the most American of activities - Baseball. Yankees vs. Red Sox. It was nice because there is no politics involved. We sat next to my friends father who is an Israeli immigrant. No discussions of the Gaza pullout, just about when the pitcher should be pulled. No one in the crowd cared who held the Ohio 2nd congressional seat, just about who was on 2nd base.

That night, from my balcony, I could see the two beams of light that reached into the sky from the footprints of the twin towers. It was somber to say the least. But, I also realized that they reached into the sky about as far as our potential reaches... In other words, far beyond our own vision.

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