Tuesday, September 19, 2006

UN In Session - The World Is Out To Lunch

The UN General Assemble is in session, and that means it is protest week here in New York. 15 blocks of war protestors just marched past my window. Last night, it was Pakistanis protesting "honor killings" in their home country. The protestors are parked day and night in front of the Iranian Embassy, and there are uniformed police 24/7 in front of the Iraqi Embassy. I am sure there are multitutdes of others going on that I will not see.

The best was yesterday afternoon though. They had closed down 6th Ave for Bush to come through on. My office window directly looks onto 6th Ave, so I had a good shot of the president driving by. I could see him waiving from the window of his limo.

About two minutes later, my office mate walks into the room, returning from a meeting. He was grumbling.

"bad meeting?" I asked.

"No, it was the freaking president driving by. He had a big ol' grin on his face and he was waiving at us like we had all come out to cheer him on. The only reason we were there at the barricades is because they wouldn't let us cross the damn street. The only person who was there to see him was this old lady who came out to give him a one finger salute. I had never heard a geriatric cures like a sailor like that before."

So, Bush will go before the UN and attempt not to bump into any Iranians in the halls. No one will listen because no one trusts him, and the world will go on being as messed up as before.


Anonymous said...

I find it sad that the man can never do anything that you people might approve of. Here’s a guy who could miraculously cure cancer tomorrow (I know it's a stretch) and you'd still hate him. You'd say some nonsense like “it's cause he ‘lied’ about Iraq’ or that your "civil rights" were being grossly violated……and the world would yawn while you yapped….

However, the sad truth is that you never did and probably don't now care about those things. They just sound nice to you. They sound legitimate. They don’t sound like the truth. The truth is ugly. It goes completely against what “progressives” say they stand for-Being non-discriminate towards any group.

Well, what you really hate is that the man is deeply religious. You forget that 90% of the president before him were also deeply religious. If the media was as fluent and as broad reaching then as it is today, you’d call Lincoln and even Kennedy himself a kook (he may have had sex with anything that moved, he was pretty ‘religious’). Like most secular folks in the "big city", you think you're smarter than people who believe in god. You think you are intellectually superior and that everyone else is a hillbilly who believes in the boogeyman.

All of this is fine. It’s just sad to see it try and be masked when it seems so transparent to so many of us. Be comfortable being discriminative of people of faith. Be true to your cosmic knowledge of the universe’s greatest mysteries.

Yeah, the truth is ugly my fellow American. It is when you are ugly and your name is “the truth”.

BTW-I’m no fucking Christian either. I am an American. I eat peaches for breakfast and pie at night.

Anonymous said...

Jimmy Carter's a deeply religious guy, too, and you'll notice no such vitriol directed at him. Ditto MLK, Gandhi, the Dalai Lama, etc.

The vitriol toward Bush would have more to do with his laundry list of evil, starting with the thousands of dead whose searching eyes I hope stare down Prince George for all eternity in the bowels of Hell. Nice try with the persecution fantasy, Anonymous #1, but you're full of crap. Please go back the masturbating to the sticky Ann Coulter dust jacket you keep stashed behind the toilet tank.