Friday, September 08, 2006

Once Again - No Iraq/ Al Qaida Connection Confirmed

One again, it has been confirmed that there was no connection between Saddam and al-Qaeda, this time by the Senate.

Al-Qaeda was in Afghanistan, chumming around with the Taliban...

This is the same Afghanistan that we basically abandoned to go war a completely unrelated war in Iraq. Meanwhile, the Taliban is growing stronger in Afghanistan and most of the country is still a haven to terrorist.

So, please tell me again - How is Bush making us safer and fighting a war on terror? If he were really fighting a war on terror, he would have finished the job in Afghanistan.

Everytime he says "9/11" or the "war on terror," he just makes me want to puke.

Face it people. The only connection that al-Queda and Saddam had was when Rumsfeld was dealing with them both.

Senate: No prewar Saddam-al-Qaida ties
By JIM ABRAMS, Associated Press Writer

WASHINGTON - There's no evidence Saddam Hussein had ties with al-Qaida, according to a Senate report on prewar intelligence that Democrats say undercuts President Bush's justification for invading Iraq.

Bush administration officials have insisted on a link between the Iraqi regime and terror leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. Intelligence agencies, however, concluded there was none.

Republicans countered that there was little new in the report and Democrats were trying to score election-year points with it.

The declassified document released Friday by the intelligence committee also explores the role that inaccurate information supplied by the anti-Saddam exile group the Iraqi National Congress had in the march to war.

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Guy Storms, CA said...

It should appear obvious now, to those who are considering it, that oil really does play a major role in the occupation of Iraq.

General estimates of world reserves suggest that we have reached or passed peak global production. The United States' domestic production began to decline during the Nixon administration and now current policy makers are positioning the rebublic to be able to physically contest future acquisitions of the last of the best "sweet crude" remaining on the planet.

The crisis which our fossil fuel-based civilization is facing is not obvious, although it is imminent. Perhaps fifty years from now our generation would not recognize the world that will be.

We have no technologies, no resources and no ideas as to how to compensate for and replace oil as the base of everything our societies have built; plentiful, inexpensive oil has made human civilization what it is today and the oilmen and industrialists controlling the military-industrial complex which appointed George Bush to the presidency are aware of this. "They" are not prepared to allow the collapse of the status quo and with it, the American economy and global hegemony. As Dick Chaney has said, "the American way of life is not negotiable".

Perhaps 60% of the world's known reserves of oil reside in the Middle East, 25% in Saudi Arabia alone. This is the best and cheapest oil to extract. Only the dregs and high sulfer content oil will remain in another fifty years. The U.S. has bases in virtually every Moslem country
in Asia, with the obvious exception of Iran.

Prepare your children and grandchildren for the resource wars of the twenty-first century; I believe only water will be more precious than oil by the year 2050.

The Bush administration does have an agenda, nefarious as it is. Absolute global power has corrupted this once great republic, as with the Roman republic and so many other empires, (the British of the 19th century most recently). Weilding great power seems to develop a taste for more.

Saddam? Terrorists? Does it really matter? The American military industrial complex felt threatened by both; the terrorists remain. Unfortunately, like flies at a picnic, they will never go away and cannot be gotten rid of until there are no more "vittles" on the picnic table and all of the crumbs have been consumed. As with any empire, it seems, the U.S. intends to blindly cling to its global position of preemminence until it has exhausted itself and destroys what remains of the republic. Regrettably, it may take the rest of civilization as we know it along for the ride.

Try not to get too upset...