Thursday, September 21, 2006

Swift Boat Back Fire

If you are going to start running attack ads, at least get the facts right. I saw the ad that Santorum was running against Casey in Pennsylvania. It portrayed a group of me sitting around, splitting up money, then it pans out to show them behind bars because of federal indictments. If the ad were true, it could be quite damaging to Casey's run. But it wasn't true.

Here the "Oops!"

Santorum's campaign team had to admit that they lied in the ad. None of the four men in the ad gave any money to Casey's campaign, and in fact, two of the men gave money to Santorum's campaign. It looks like Santorum is trying to model his campaign after George Allan's.

Santorum aired a spot featuring actors supposedly portraying four big donors to Casey's campaign meeting in a smoke-filled jail cell. The senator's campaign later conceded that none of the men had given money to Casey's Senate campaign and that two had contributed to Santorum's campaign, which donated the money to nonprofit groups.

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