Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Another Republican Lie

Ok, this is where I get to call bullshit. This is more scare tactics by the Republicans to give tax breaks and soften environmental regulations for their friends in the energy industry.

DALLAS - On a day when oil prices breached a record high, a prominent House Republican said that steep gasoline costs will prod Congress to pass an energy bill this year and warned of a possible "horrible summer" because of power blackouts.

Barton warned that years of inaction have left the nation's electrical grid unable to cope with growing demand, raising the possibility of blackouts this summer.

"We could have a horrible summer this year," he said. "They haven't built any new power plants in California."

The actual truth is, is that there are too many power plants. That's right, too many. Energy companies all across the nation have been closing down plants because there is a glut of energy production. When the utilities were deregulated, energy companies overbuilt which resulted in too much energy being produced, which resulted in a drop in energy prices. So, the companies started mothballing plants that were less profitable. The rolling blackouts in California had nothing to do with a lack of power plants, but because of un-ethical trading companies like Enron. So, let me say this one more time - there is no crisis in energy production. It is a lie to scare us into allowing congress to do whatever they want. Don't let Rep. Joe Barton, R-Texas, chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, lie to you.

Barton: Gas Prices May Prod Energy Bill

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