Monday, April 11, 2005

DeLay Declares War on the Constitution

Republican House Leader, Tom DeLay, had gone over the edge again. DeLay spoke in a video taped speech to one of his uber-conservative support groups. The speech titled "Confronting the Judicial War on Faith" delivered nice little tid-bits of his advanced knowledge of the constitution. First of all, what he calls a judicial war on faith, I call defense of the 1st amendment. But, then again, I am rather partial to the idea of freedom in this country, so I tend to be a little biased.

"Judicial independence does not equal judicial supremacy"

Nor does Congressional independence equal Congressional supremacy. Do I really need to explain what checks and balances mean? I thought it was fairly self evident, but I always liked 9th grade civics class, so I kind of paid attention.

"The failure is to a great degree Congress's," Mr. DeLay said. "The response of the legislative branch has mostly been to complain. There is another way, ladies and gentlemen, and that is to reassert our constitutional authority over the courts."

Apparently, Mr. DeLay, you've forgetting that third section of the constitution where it creates a separate and independent judiciary. I know... I know, it is a long document with all those words, but keep reading. I promise you it is there. And if you don't have a copy, the national archives is right down the street. There is often a long line out front, but I am sure you can pull some stings. There is a specific reason the Founders created it this way, and it was so arrogant legislators, like you, Mr. DeLay, could not proclaim yourself Supreme Ruler of the Universe (besides, that's my job title).

"I believe the judiciary branch of our government has overstepped its authority on countless occasions, overturning and in some cases just ignoring the legitimate will of the people"

Hmmm.... The will of the people. Now, when you say, ignoring the legitimate will of the people? Do you actually mean your will? Because if that is what you mean, then I will have to agree. The courts have overruled your will. As for the will of the people, not so much. Depending on what poll you look at, between 70-77% of the American people wanted congress to stay out of the Schiavo case. I know that polls are unreliable, but unless the plus/minus on those polls were +/- 50%, I am going to have to say the will of the people was against you, not the courts.

And, I know this is a little nit-picky, but the whole idea behind life time appointments for federal judges was so they would not be pressured to bend the the will of the people. I know this is a complex idea, but try to stay with me Tom. The Congress is there to answer to the people. The courts are there to ensure the will of the people does not infringe on the rights of the minority. Got it?

The only thing that 'Run Amok' is you, Mr. DeLay.

DeLay Says Federal Judiciary Has 'Run Amok,' Adding Congress Is Partly to Blame

Update: The group that DeLay was speaking to supports legislation to ban Fenderal judges from making any rulings on God.


Betsy said...

I'm sure this link will change within a day or two, but this Richard Reeves editorial is worth a a read, if you've not seen it already...

Dingo said...

It was an interesting read. Thanks for the link Betsy

Sean Sirrine said...

I have a post here that explains why a respect DeLay even though he is utterly wrong on the issue of the judiciary.

As much as I hate his politics, you got to give him credit for not pretending to be something he isn't.