Monday, April 04, 2005

Poll Results

The polls are in... the people have spoken

Who is the least honest partisan media pundit: Total votes 264

Rush Limbaugh won this round beating all other challengers combined with a whopping 135 votes - (51%)
Bill "is that a vibrator up my butt or are you just happy to see me" O'Reilly came in second place with 46 votes - (17%)
Sean Hannity took third with 37 votes - (14%)
Al Frankin just narrowly came in fourth with 35 votes - (13%)
And sucking hind teet was Janeane Garofalo with 11 votes - (4%)

Better luck next time Janeane

If there was a more moderate 3rd party, would you say: Total 59 votes

Sign me up brother topped the charts with 50 votes (85%)
No, I'm with my party 'til I die with 9 votes (15%)

It looks like there is hope for us after all.

If you are far Left or far Right, what do you think about the moderate wings of your party: Total 45 votes

They deserve to have a voice and we should compromise won with 38 votes (84%)
Kick 'em to the curb lost with 9 votes (16%)

You guys are so sweet.

Update: for an even better poll results, she this story are Wonkette

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