Friday, April 15, 2005

When Republicns Attack - Check Your Local TV Listings for Details

Conservatives are pulling out all stops in their war on the constitution. I hate to uses these stupid terms like "war on." It is cliché and childish, but it really can't think of any other way of putting it. You have these Christian groups who warn of "liberal activist judges" who "thwart the will of the people." Even though the will of the people is firmly against these groups, not the judges, the role of judges is not to cater to the will of the people. The role of judges is to protect minority groups from the will of the people.

I understand that you will always have a number of elected officials who are on the fringe. That is too be expected. But now, it is the Republican leaders of both the House and Senate that have declared jihad.

You have Tom DeLay, who doesn't even try to hide the fact that he believes this country should be a Christian Theocracy. DeLay has publically stated he wants to take away your right to privacy, protections for minorities and the seperation of church and state.

And, you have Bill Frist, who claims to want an independent judiciary, but then plans speeches at evangelical conferences titled "The filibuster against people of faith." Frist is playing the "religion card" and portraying Democrats as being anti-Christian. The flier from the conference (pictured below) show a boy holding a gavel and a bible and asking if he must choose between the two.

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The answer is yes. If a judge must choose between using State or Federal law to decide a case, or using the bible, then he must choose State or Federal law and not the bible. Now, lets examine this further. Remove the bible from the boys hand and replace it with a Torah. Not so bad, right? Still Judeo basis. What about Buddhist prayer beads? Are you still happy? What about a Koran? Are you starting to get a little nervous? How about a dagger for Satanic Sacrifice? Is it ok for a Satanist to sit on the bench and use their faith as a basis for deciding cases? If a judge cannot sit on the bench and seperate your religious beliefs from the law, the judge has no business being there. A evangelical judge who can put down the bible when he puts on the robe will have my full support.

So, the question becomes, are Democrats becoming anti-Christian, or are the extreme Christian Republicans becoming anti-American?

Frist Set to Use Religious Stage on Judicial Issue
Anti-'Activist' Activism


Boomr said...

While I love the Satanism reference (and have used it myself in the past), to put it back in the realm of Christian possibility:

What if the person making the choice between the gavel and religion was Amish and did not believe in electricity? Or a Branch Davidian and did not believe there was anything wrong with one man "marrying" many teenage girls and stockpiling weapons? Or a Christian Scientist and did believe in medical care? Or a member of World Church of the Creator and believed that America should be for white people only?

All of these groups get their central doctrines from the Bible. No one wants these people running things. Just because DeLay and his fellow theocrats espouse something SLIGHTLY less fringe in terms of religion, doesn't mean that they have any more business running the country by those laws than the sects noted above.

Again, they use religion as a tool of exclusion. ANY doctrine based upon exclusion has no business in politics.

Boomr said...

That should be "did not believe in medical care."

RainbowDemon said...

Totally "on the money"...