Monday, June 27, 2005

9/11 Families Criticize Karl Rove

For all of you who want to disregard and dismiss the outrage from liberals in regards to Karl Rove's outrageous remarks, then maybe you will pay a little more deference to the families of the victims themselves.

FOS11 Statement on Comments Made By Karl Rove

As families whose relatives were victims of the 9/11 terror attacks, we believe it is an outrage that any Democrat, any Republican, any conservative or any liberal, stakes a "high ground" position based upon the September 11th death and destruction. Doing so assumes that all those who died and their loved ones would agree. In truth, some would and some would not. By definition the conduct is divisive and, because it is intended to be self-serving and politicizes 9/11, it is offensive.

We are calling on Karl Rove to resist his temptations and stop trying to reap political gain in the tragic misfortune of others. His comments are not welcome.

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