Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Republican = Nazis Democrats = Satanists

Luckily, I was at my college reunion last weekend and missed the whole Durbin debacle. But, luckily, I came back in time for the Hostettler debacle. Yesterday, one of the king wingnuts, Rep. John N. Hostettler (R-Ind.) accused Democrats of "denigrating and demonizing Christians." This was in response to a Democratic amendment proposed to the military appropriations bill to ensure religious tolerance at the Air Force Academy.

Hostettler remarked on the House floor

"the long war on Christianity in America continues today on the floor of the House of Representatives" and "continues unabated with aid and comfort to those who would eradicate any vestige of our Christian heritage being supplied by the usual suspects, the Democrats... Like a moth to a flame, Democrats can't help themselves when it comes to denigrating and demonizing Christians," he said.

This is coming from such a loony, he was arrested for taking a gun onto a commerical plane, and he actually amended the Defense of Marriage Act to make it illegal for any court to judge the constitutionality of the act (H.R. 3313 & H.R. 1100).

Title: To amend title 28, United States Code, to limit Federal court jurisdiction over questions under the Defense of Marriage Act.

Not only is this one of the most brazen attacks on the constitution, it actually passed almost exactly down party lines (I would like to note one of the few sane Republicans to vote against it was my Congressman, Chris Shays). Can you imagine this? The Supreme Court not being allowed to decide the constitutionality of a law? This is one of the most scary situations imaginable. Imagine if the Supreme Court was not allowed to rule on the constitutionality of segregation laws.... Where would this country be now?

With this kind of law making, we might as well throw out the Bill of Rights, because nothing can be protected any longer. Next up H.R. 3314, the Defense of America Act:

Any person publicly disagreeing with the presidents agenda is a punishable offense of up to 10 years and prison and/or $250,000 fine. Federal courts will have no jurisdiction over questions under the Defense of America Act.

Then, H.R. 3315, the Defense of Our Christian Heritage Act:

Due to the heritage of Christianity in our nation, all persons are required to abandon all other religions and pray only to the one true God. Federal courts will have no jurisdiction over questions under the Defense of Our Christian Heritage Act.

Hostettler also led the House passage of a bill that would make it illegal for the federal government to spend any money to enforce court rulings when it comes to religious issues. Specifically, he targeted the Alabama court house where Judge Roy Moore placed the Ten Commandments and any enforcement to keep religion out of public schools. Once again, think of the implications of this. Unconstitutional laws with no way to enforce them from going into effect. Once again, imagine if the Congress passed a law that made it impossible for Eisenhower to send in troops to desegregate the southern universities. With people like Hostettler in office, we are no longer have the rule of law, but the rule of men. He is creating the tyranny that our founders fought against.

Screw the "freedom isn't free" lines... with the GOP, "freedom isn't real." Some of you may believe that Christian Congressmen like Hostettler are protecting your freedom of religion, but he is actually chipping away at it. Without the protection of the courts, there is no constitutional guarantee that freedom of religion will exist. There is no guarantee that freedom of speech will exist. He is not protecting America, he is destroying it from within.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, this is crap! I guess your mommy hit you too much and you got many concussions. Libertarians and Republicans are strongly for freedom! Democrats are Socialist/Communists. You know what Stalin and Hitler were right! Thats right Socialist/Communist. Christians and Jews need to fight for their protection because the damn atheists are trying to destroy our once great world. And they are succeding...attacking Bush who has got the Dow to an all time high not to mention having one of the best economies in history. As far as democrats, Bill Clinton was impeached(reaserch if you think I'm lying), Woodrow Wilson was around when the Incom Tax was put into effect even though it was never ratified, and FDR established welfare stealing the middle class money and giving it to social paricites. Right is right, and left is wrong!