Thursday, June 23, 2005

Republicans Hate to Lose

In fact, they hate to lose so much that they even have to top the boneheaded remarks by Dean and Durbin. First, Rep. John N. Hostettler (R-Ind.) accused Democrats of "denigrating and demonizing Christians." Now, Karl Rove decided to step in the pile.

Conservatives saw the savagery of 9/11 in the attacks and prepared for war; liberals saw the savagery of the 9/11 attacks and wanted to prepare indictments and offer therapy and understanding for our attackers.
Let me just put this in fairly simple terms: Al Jazeera now broadcasts the words of Senator Durbin to the Mideast, certainly putting our troops in greater danger. No more needs to be said about the motives of liberals.

Republicans just can't stop politicizing one of America's greatest tragedies. They just can't stop using the pain and suffering of the victims and their families for political gain. You ask any New Yorker whether or not they wanted to offer condolences to the terrorists or the victims families. When I worked in Lower Manhattan, I walked by the big gapping hole where 3000 Americans lost their lives almost every single day. Ask me if I wanted buy Osama an orange julius and sit down and talk about feelings or pummel him to a pulp. The difference was, we wanted to go after the terrorists. You, Karl, wanted to go after Saddam for your own grand scheme and great visions.

You want to talk about motives? Our motive was to get the people who did this to us. Our motive was to bring Osama's head back on a plate. Where is the head Karl? Your screwed up plan let him get away in Afghanistan because you wanted to topple Iraq. You have had 4 years to avenge the death of our fellow Americans. Where is my damn head on a plate, Karl? And what actually puts our troops in more danger, torturing the prisoners or saying we shouldn't be doing it? Obviously torturing the prisoners hasn't helped capture Bin Laden, now has it? Where is my freaking head, Karl? What are your motives, Karl?

Porter Goss claims to know where he Bin Laden is, but can't go after him because now you want to start respecting sovereignty of other states? Bullshit Karl. You invaded Afghanistan, you invaded Iraq... now you want to play nice?

The truth is, you don't care about 9/11... not the way the rest of America does. For you it is just a way to score political points and push an agenda. You can't make 9/11 right vs. left. 9/11 belongs to all of us - right, left, black, white, old and young. You can't steal it from the real Americans, Karl. I don't care how much spin you put on it.

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