Monday, June 06, 2005

ICC to Take Up Darfur Genocide

Finally, something coming from somone. There seems to be a lot of punting back and forth amongst the world's governments and institutions. Finally, the ICC has opened an investigation into 51 suspected criminals. This, still, does nothing about the on going genocide in Darfur, but at least it should bring more attention to the crisis.

Court Investigates Sudan's Darfur Region

By ANTHONY DEUTSCH, Associated Press Writer
47 minutes ago

THE HAGUE, Netherlands - The International Criminal Court on Monday formally announced the opening of a war crimes investigation in Sudan's Darfur region after receiving a list of 51 potential suspects from U.N. investigators.

Prosecutors said in a statement their inquiries will be "impartial and independent, focusing on the individuals who bear the greatest criminal responsibility."

The court has been analyzing the situation in Darfur since the United Nations in April referred to it allegations of rape, murder and plunder, following a Security Council vote. Dozens of court officials are preparing for the investigation, the largest and most important to be handled by the fledgling body since it was established in July 2002.

"The investigation will require sustained cooperation from national and international authorities. It will form part of a collective effort, complementing African Union and other initiatives to end the violence in Darfur and to promote justice," Chief Prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo said in prepared comments.

Moreno-Ocampo will brief the United Nations in New York later this month about his plans to investigate Darfur.

A special U.N. commission of inquiry, which spent several months gathering evidence of war crimes, handed the court its findings, including a list of 51 potential suspects. The list has not been made public, but suspects could include Sudanese government leaders, rebels and militiamen allegedly acting with government approval against civilian tribes.

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