Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Is There Still Hope?

I doubt it for this election, but liberals are eternally optimistic. That's our providence and our down fall. We are optimistic because we believe that there are better days ahead of us and that progress is innate. We are optimistic because, when it comes down to it, we always win in the end. So much of our "accepted" norms today are a liberal ideas of the past. As much as conservatives my fight it, you cannot stop human progress.

The US Constitution - a liberal idea (conservatives wanted a new King)
End to segregation - a liberal idea
Women's right to vote - a liberal idea
Minimum wage - a liberal idea
Child labor laws - a liberal idea
Social Security - a liberal idea
Standards for food safety - a liberal idea
Consumer protection laws - a liberal idea
Minimum safety standards in the work place - a liberal idea
Family Leave Act - a liberal idea
Etc, etc, etc.

I rarely hear a conservative claim these are bad ideas. They often say, "well these are right because they are common sense." Well, your conservative forefathers fought against them tooth and nail. They claimed they were not common sense ideas. They claimed these ideas would destroy the fabric of our nation. But in the end, the ideas only made our society stronger. If you think I am exaggerating, go back and read some of the things conservatives said about child labor laws and how bad an idea it was - It was an infringement on the right to contract freely. Look at the transcripts of the minimum wage arguments - it would bankrupt 50% of American business. Look at the film footage of fire hoses turned on civil rights activists. Read the accounts of the women pegged with stones for wanting the right to vote.

In the end, liberals will win. We always do. We will have science make our lives better and longer through stem cell research. It is already happening in California. We will have health care for all Americans, not just the rich. We will have better schools in all neighborhoods so all American children get to start life on an equal playing field. We will recognize all Americans as equals regardless of race, gender or sexual preference. We will provide medication at affordable prices. We will increase the minimum wage to a level that puts workers above the poverty level. We will balance the budget so we do not pass along our debt to our children and grandchildren. We will stop companies from freely polluting our air and water.

You cannot stop progress. This may be a set back, but only a minor one. We have always won and we will continue to win because we are optimistic and because we will not give up. I will accept Bush as my president if he is duly deserves it. I will continue to criticize him when he is wrong, and on the rare occasion he is right, I will give him credit. But I will not give up my fight for a better tomorrow, and better America because I know we will win.

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M said...

An excellent post. The classic definition of conservative is one who opposes change, one who desires the status quo. Now, we may see change, but in the backwards direction.