Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Will the Real VP Please Step Forward

My own little conspiracy theory - Cheney's little hospital visit was probably just a cold, but I don't think that will be the end to his health issues over the next couple of years. My guess is that Cheney will only last another year or two before he steps aside for "health reasons" so the NeoCons can hand pick their own candidate for the 2008 election. After Cheney steps down, the NeoCons will be able to confirm one of their own to the open VP seat, thus giving the future presidential candidate a springboard into the 2007 GOP primaries. Karl Rove and the rest of the posse don't like leaving things to chance. With the field wide open for GOP moderates like McCain or Pataki, the NeoCons will be pushing hard to make sure a fellow hawk who can also appeal to the newly empowered TheoCons will be sitting on top when the party ranks choose their next nominee.

Just my guess...

If anyone would like to comment on who they think would be Bush's sucessor, please do so.


Michael_the_Archangel said...

Ahhh, nothing like a good conspiracy theory to stir one's juices. Right now the two front runners that the 'neo-cons' (of which I'm a card carrying member) would like to see are either Collin Powell or Condi.

Both are presently moving into positions that would make a move into V.P. likely and easy. Collin can 'take a vacation' from politics and the 'come back in his nation's hour of need' - Condi would be able to make a semi-seamless move over from Sec. of State to V.P.

Both make attractive candidates since they are black. Condi adds to that being a woman. Both are proclaiming that they really want no more of politics once Bush is gone, but obviously (conspiracy at it's best) Rove has master-minded all this and is ready to dupe the public once again.

Either one will make a better candidate than Hillary, it will depend on how Hillary polls. If we really need to pull the woman vote and pull it away from Hillary, it will be Condi. If Powell polls strongly enough, and the women aren't head or heels in support for Hillary then it will be Powell.

I love this stuff.

Dingo said...

Na... I don't think it would be either one of them. Powell is anything but a NeoCon and they know they would have no control on him if he was elected. He believes in the "global test" as much a Kerry does (and when I say global test, I mean the way Kerry defines it, not how Karl Rove re-defined it).

Condi is no good either. She is smart, but she is not quick on her feet (as shown by the 9/11 hearings). She is also seen as a puppet and would easily be defined as such. I don't think she would pull much vote from women. Women will vote for a strong and independent woman, but actually tend to turn against women who are seen as being controlled by a man behind the scenes.

I think it would be someone from outside the current administration. If they were smart, they would bring in Giuliani. He is hawkish, but I think he would fall far short on the TheoCon requirements (too socially progressive).

Michael_the_Archangel said...

Quit throwing a wet blanket on a perfectly good and logical conspiracy theory (grin).

As for Rudy, yes, several people (mostly turncoat democrats) have suggested him. Personally, you are right - as a self proclaimed neo-con (and proud of it) I can just barely tolerate the man. WAYYYYYYYYY too liberal for me - ugh, phht, nasty taste in my mouth.

Me thinks you dismiss Powell and Condi too fast.