Monday, December 19, 2005

Give Me a Reason

This is a call to all of the conservative bloggers and commenter out there. I have read all the rants as to "protection from the terrorists," "the president knows best," "liberals love terrorists," etc. Enough!

This is what I want:

Give me one valid reason why the President and the NSA could not have done the exact same job with valid warrants as opposed to doing it unconstitutionally?

Just one. That is all I ask.

Update: Siggy, made a valiant effort to answer my question (Why warrantless phone taps), but fell into a common pitfall. He assumed that a warrant is good for only one phone, and since people can now use one time cell phones that a warrant would not allow the government to keep up. This is wrong. The courts can issue roaming warrants which allow the government to tap any phone that a suspect is using. So, this is not a valid reason to subvert the warrant process.

Update: Bush continues to defend the illegal wiretaps but continues to fail to either establish the authority wich gives him the power to do it, or the justification for subverting the constitution. He continues to claim the Constitution and the Congress gave him authority.

Please, just give us one citation Mr. Prsident. Just one citation as to the specific constitutional provision or statute you are talking about. The constitution is not that long. Just give me the general article or amendment and I will look it up myself.


Sigmund, Carl and Alfred said...

We, in all our magnificence, have answered your brilliant query with even more brilliance.

Dingo said...

just incase you missed it, read the update.

Sigmund, Carl and Alfred said...

Now read MY clarification in the comments.