Thursday, December 15, 2005

White House Concedes to Tortue Ban

Sources are saying that the White House will concede to the ban on torture passed by the senate and making its way through the house. This is good news on many fronts. Not only does it re-establish our belief in the rule of law, but it precludes foreign powers in custody of our soldiers, "well, you do it. So can we."

In the unlikely event that there is actually a ticking bomb, I can guarantee you that the soldier or CIA official will not be hung out to dry if torture was used to stop terrorist.

Sources: White House to Accept Torture Ban
By LIZ SIDOTI, Associated Press Writer

WASHINGTON - After months of resistance, the White House has agreed to accept Sen. John McCain (news, bio, voting record)'s call for a law specifically banning cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment of foreign suspects in the war on terror, several congressional officials said Thursday.

Under the emerging deal, the CIA and other civilian interrogators would be given the same legal rights as currently guaranteed members of the military who are accused of breaking interrogation guidelines, these officials added. Those rules say the accused can defend themselves by arguing it was reasonable for them to believe they were obeying a legal order.

The congressional officials spoke on condition of anonymity, saying they did not want to pre-empt an expected announcement later in the day at the White House, possibly by President Bush and McCain...

That put pressure on the White House at a time when the president finds himself defending his wartime policies daily amid declining public support for the Iraq war and his own low standing in opinion polls.

The White House at one point threatened a veto if the ban was included in legislation sent to the president's desk, and Vice President Dick Cheney made an unusual personal appeal to all Republican senators to give an exemption to the CIA.

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