Monday, December 12, 2005

Was Rove Tipped Off?

Another New York Times report is now fully embroiled in the Plame/CIA leak investigation. In a hit to the Times already hurting reputation after Miller's role in the leak was uncovered, a second reporter may have tipped off Rove that he had better go back and change his account of things before he ended up on the chopping block along side Scooter Libby. It is still unknown whether rove will end up being indicted, but the picture has been muddied since he seemed to have escaped indictments during Fitzgerald's first go round.

Time Reporter May Have Tipped Rove's Lawyer to Leak

By Carol D. Leonnig and Jim VandeHei
Washington Post Staff Writers
Monday, December 12, 2005; Page A04

A Time magazine reporter testified in the CIA leak case that she alerted Karl Rove's lawyer in early 2004 that the top Bush adviser had leaked information to her colleague about Valerie Plame, according to a first-person account published yesterday in Time.

The reporter, Viveca Novak, did not initially tell her bosses at Time that she may have tipped off Rove's lawyer or that the special prosecutor in the CIA leak was interested in the details of her conversation with Robert D. Luskin, Rove's lawyer. As a result, she and Time editors agreed she would take a leave of absence while they contemplate her future at the magazine.

The casual chat between Novak and Luskin, which took place in the first half of 2004, is now central to Rove's efforts to avoid indictment in the more than two-year-old case. Novak's account in this week's issue of Time does little to explain how a conversation over drinks between Rove's lawyer and a reporter chasing the story could help clear the senior Bush adviser. In addition to raising new questions about the role of journalists in the Plame affair, Novak's testimony provides fresh and significant insight into Rove's campaign to avoid charges in a case that threatens the man President Bush once called the "architect" of his reelection.

Rove is believed to be under investigation for providing false statements about his role in the public disclosure of Plame's CIA employment.

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tommy said...

so what the hell is going on here? Judith Miller is no longer working for the Times, Viveca Novak is no longer working for Time, Woodward wasn't talking to his Editor and that's what we know about. No wonder people don't trust the media anymore, it seems to resemble a badly run political party, with resignations of those caught being up to something instead of disclosure as to what they were up to.

Dingo said...

hell if I can figure it all out. This really is not looking good for the NYT. They might as well just join with the NY Post.