Friday, December 02, 2005


College football regular season is almost over and Saturdays will need some entertainment and I was also thinking about the national deficit.

So I was thinking - kill two birds with one stone - A pay-per-view Thunder Dome between politicians with the proceeds going to pay down the national debt.

Think of the match ups

Ted Kennedy vs. Dennis Hastert - no worry about hitting below the belt since neither man has seen their penises in decades.

Barbara Boxer vs. Kay Bailey Hutchinson - I would give Kay the edge on this one, but I still think Barbara would put up a good fight.

Barack Obama vs. George Allen - Obama, hands down. He may be slight, but you can tell he is quick on his feet.

John Murtha vs. Jean Schmidt - lets see who really is the coward.

Who's with me?


tommy said...

The fact that you think the Kay Bailey Hutchinson Barbara Boxer would actually be a fight leads me to believe you don't really know Kay.

Dingo said...

and I don't think you know Boxer very well either. I gave the edge to Kay, but I still think that Boxer is a lot scrapier than you give her credit for.