Friday, May 12, 2006

Bush Hits Bottom and Keeps Digging... I, Just Hit Bottom

In the latest presidential approval poll, Bush broke the 30% mark (Bush job approval falls to 29 pct in new poll). I didn't think it would happen. I figured that there are too many wingnuts out there who could watch Bush urinate on their mother and they would somehow convince themselves that she was set on fire by terrorists or illegal aliens, and that Bush is saving her.

But, Bush is above average when it comes to being below average and has broken through the proverbial rock bottom of 30%. He is no slouch when it comes to screwing up the U.S. government. The lower he gets, the harder it is to get even lower. To cut even further into the support from die hard, wingnut supporters, Bush most show even higher levels of utter incompetence. Somehow, Bush seems to be able to muster it, even against all conventional wisdom.

On another note - I, also, have hit rock bottom. But here is where I stop. I am outraged out. I am too fatigued by his gross incompetence and distain for American values. I have no more anger to give. Sure, I will still blog about his misdeeds, but I have accepted the fact that we are cursed with this man for another 2 and a half years and he is not going to some how become competant in that time. It is like when you accept having a chronic disease. You can fight it, but it won't go away. the only thing to do is accept it and hope it doesn't kill you too quickly.


tommy said...

If nothing else, the last few elections should have illustrated the point that the polls serve no valid purpose other than giving people something to write about.

Gun-Toting Liberal said...

I hear ya, bro. All you have to do is look at who is #2 and be glad he's #1. The Dems impeach this guy and remove him from power, and that's not going to be good news at all for our country when Mr. #2 becomes Mr. #1.

Yup, we're stuck with him...