Monday, May 01, 2006

Deport the Bastards

Just a note to all of you out there who really think that deporting all of the illegal immigrants is really an option - you are out of your minds. The immigration courts can't even come close to handling all of the legal immigrants at this point.

If you want to see illegal immigrants be a real drain on our society, round them all up and try to deport them. You are talking about 11-12 millions people. The amount of time and money that would cost would make Iraq look cheap in comparison. You would be looking at a decade or more before you could get them all through the court system. In the mean time, we would have to build jails to hold them all, feed them all, care for them all. All the while, we would have to find foster homes for all the children until their parents were adjudicated, further putting the financial burden on the tax payers.

So, to those who want to go this route because illegals are a "drain" on our coffers, put a little thought into your statements. You are making no sense. the only people who would be better off financially would be the lawyers... Trust me, I am one.

So, accept that deportation is not a real option and start being constructive already. You are better off that way.

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Sparkling Diamond said...

Well said! I came here from Michele's and glad to find you! Will be back!

tommy said...

My main complaint is that we don't know who is here, and don't seem to have any system to find out, or to ensure we know who is here in the future.

I think we would be well served by having a more accessible legal immigration policy, so that it is easier to work here legally. I'd also like to see stiffer penalties for illegally employing immigrants. The question of what to do with those already here is difficult, some of that for reasons you said. However, it's hard to justify letting those here illegally jump to the front of the immigration line, ahead of people who have complied with the procedures.

Dingo said...

I agree with all that you said Tommy. There are many, many issues to be worked out without any easy answers. I have just been seeing a lot of the "build a wall and deport them all" on the conservitive blogs. It is not going to fix things at all.

My current pro-bono project is with illegal immigrant children who came to this country alone, usually because they were being abused at home. They, of course are special circumstance situations, but I have seen the immigration up close and personal, and it is BROKEN. I don't think those who came in illegally should jump to the head of the line either, but we won't find out who is here by making being here a felony. It just drives them further underground.