Monday, May 15, 2006

Where Big Brother is Not Watching

For those of you who have a problem with your phone company sharing all of you call history with the government so they can build a "threat" dossier on you, and if you live in the eastern half of the country where Qwest does no offer service, there is some good news. Optimum on-line, which does my cable as well as offers telephone services does not share information with the NSA. Qwest does not offer cell phone services in the east yet (but hopefully soon), but it does offer long distance services across the country.

If anyone else who has information about who does not share our information with the government, please leave a note here.


RareSanity said...

Does anyone have any information on whether or not Comcast was involved in his ridiculousness (is that a word?) :-)

Dingo said...

don't know.