Wednesday, September 29, 2004

al Queda Veterans for the Truth

Despite claims by Dennis Hastert, Dick Cheney, and Anne Coulter that al Queda wants John Kerry to with the election, the only word coming out of the Muslim world is the exact opposite. On March 17th, Reuters reported on a story coming out of the Egyptian Arabic language daily Al-Hayat, Purported al Qaeda letter call truce in Spain, that the terrorist who claimed responsibility for the Madrid bombing preferred Bush over Kerry. The terrorists believe that they could not find a "more foolish" leader than George Bush "who deals with matters by force rather than with wisdom." The terrorists goes on to accuse Kerry as being more dangerous to the Muslim world because he is more "cunning" and able to trick the Muslims into believing that he is actually civilized. Its a good thing Osama can't set up his own 527 organization to attack Kerry.

And this assertion by Cheney that if we make the wrong choice we will get hit by terrorists. In 2000 we chose Bush/Cheney... we were hit by terrorists... I guess we made the wrong choice.

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