Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Un-safer with AKs on the street

Thanks to the Republican Legislature and George Bush, we are about to become less safe again. The Senate is about to allow the Assault Weapon ban to expire and George Bush isn't saying a word. Bush is courting the NRA and by allowing the ban to expire, he wins their votes. The only problem is... Bush promised to keep us safe! Now he is breaking that promise also. Generally, I would be opposed to assault weapons on a normal day. They are horrible for hunting, they are horrible for self defense, and they look horrible hanging over a fireplace. But, even as Bush promises to keep us safer, he is allowing al Queada to waltz right into Wal-Mart and buy an automatic weapon. Terrorists don't have to sneak them into the country... They just need to buy kits to modify non-automatic weapons into automatic weapons. They just go into Wal-Mart, buy an automatic weapon, walk across the street to the elementry school and start spraying the audience. There you go!... killing masses of persons without having to buy bomb making materials... Keeping us safer or just another broken promise?

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Living_on_the_Edge said...

(sarcasm on high)
Quick run and hide under your bed, you be safe from those evil "Assault Weapons" there. They are coming to get you so do it quickly before your killed!
(sarcasm off)

Honestly do you even know what an "Assault Weapon" is?

Well here is a link to the definition:

"Assault Weapons" are selectable fire military weapons, meaning that they are able switched between semi-automatic and a fully automatic firing mode.

It is now, and was before the ban expired, illegal to own an automatic weapon.

In fact the only thing the ban did was change the way these so-called "Assault Weapons" looked. The ban had no effect on the function.

It made 3 cosmetic features illegal:

1. Flash Supressor
2. Folding/Collapsible Stock
3. Bayonet Lug

None of these effects the base function of the weapon, so why are you so scared? Because the talking heads on TV told you to be? Do you believe that if it looks scary it was be more powerful?

And believe me if al Quaida wants to get REAL Assault Weapons - Full Auto Military Issue the Rebublicrats have been giving them away all over the world for years.

BTW they can also get all their bomb making materials at Wal-Mart, and they don't even have to go through a backgroud check for those.

Illegals and criminals do not fill out federal paper work to buy them.

As for Bush promising "to keep us safe", how does one keep another safe?

Like old Ben Franklin said: 'Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety'."

The only person in the universe that can protect you and keep you safe is you. And if you trust your government to protect you, you will always end up unprotected.

As for blaming the Republicians, I didn't see the Democrats in DC running to introduce any bills to re-enstate the ban either.

But you seem to have bought into this idea that there is a difference between the 2 parties, there is not. It is all a game of "Good Cop/Bad Cops" and we are the ones that lose everytime.

Sorry but you need to think for yourself, and get some education, because we tend to be scared of that which we do not understand.

Relax you'll be fine.