Monday, September 20, 2004

So Now He Wants To Protect Us?

This is one of the latest TV ads put out by the Bush Campaign:

Voice Over: "President Bush and our leaders in Congress have a plan: Enhance border and port security. Increase homeland security measures. Reform and strengthen intelligence services. Renew the Patriot Act, giving law enforcement tools against terrorists. Create a national counterterrorism center. Transform our military. Give the military all it needs. Find terrorists where they train and hide"

Let me get this straight... We have to wait for Bush's 2nd term for him to finally protect our borders and reform the intelligence services? He has had 3 years in which to do this. Why is he only now getting around to it! First of all, he opposed both of the 9/11 commissions to begin with, he fought them tooth and nail all along the way, and now he wants a 2nd term to implement their suggestions. Why was he not pushing for a congressional review immediately? Why did he not want to know how and why we were attacked right away? A good leader would have been cracking skulls in order to get the answers as quickly as possible, not waiting until the next election. Why has it taken 3 years to finally start focusing on our nations borders and government reform? This should have been our priority as soon as we crushed the Taliban in Afghanistan. Instead, Bush drained our resources by fighting a needless war in Iraq. How can he claim that he is keeping us safer when he needs a 2nd term to accomplish what he should have accomplished in the 1st. It is time for a new direction.

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Michele said...

Aaron thinks way too much. I like him, but all this political mumbo-jumbo is really confusing to me. I think that he acts like he knows what he's talking about but in truth, he's just faking. I think. This whole Ivy-league thing is just his way of saying that he's better than I am. I wish he realized that my utter blondness already makes him better than me. By the way, what is this 911 commission?