Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Note to Bush - 3 is bigger than 2

Even though Bush's spending proposals total an increase of $3 trillion dollars, he still is harping on Kerry's platform that actually is a trillion dollars less expensive than Bush's. It will never stop amazing me how easy it is for Bush to stand in front of the American people and blatantly mislead them.

Sept. 27 th West Chester, OH - "To create jobs, to make sure people can find work here, we've got to be wise about how we spend your money and keep your taxes low. Taxes are an issue in this campaign. I'm running against a fellow who has proposed $2.2 trillion in new federal spending, so far. "

All I can say is I prefer Kerry's $2 trillion dollar proposals to Bush's $3 trillion. If the government is going to spend my tax dollars, I would rather the benefits go to me instead of pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies and corporations that ship American jobs overseas. I am not sure why fiscally responsible republicans allow Bush to still call himself "republican."

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