Tuesday, September 14, 2004

President Christ

I am not sure where this notion came from that Republicans represent a values of Jesus Christ. I consider myself Christian and to the best of my ability, I follow the ideals of Christ's teachings. Because of this, I feel compassion for the poor, not disdain. Because of this, I feel greed is sin, not a attribute to be admired. Because of this, I believe I have an obligation to help my fellow man, not kick him while he is down. Moses may have been a Conservative, but Jesus was the original Bleeding Heart Liberal. Bush asks "what would Jesus do?" Well, would Jesus lie to us. Would Jesus be OK defiling God's pristine earth for clear cutting trees and oil drilling? Would Jesus cut taxes for the rich while creating the largest population of children living in poverty in American history? Would Jesus award John a no-bid contract so he could make a quick buck on baptisms? Would Jesus create a plan that ensured all Americans have access to basic health care, or would he favor insurance companies? Would Jesus make sure the elderly had affordable prescription drugs or would he make sure the pharmaceutical companies made wall street estimates? Would Jesus favor big business that pollute the air and water or would he favor the children with asthma and leukemia? And most of all, what would Jesus bomb?


Anonymous said...

This blatant misuse of Jesus Christ's abilities disgusts me. Your attempt to somehow equate secular decisions with those that Christ makes demeans his entire existence. As for "Would Jesus bomb?" -- let's remember the countless wars in God's name that go on in the Bible. Besides, except for ending slavery, fascism, nazism, and communism, war has never solved anything!

Dingo said...

We have a president who prays for the answers of what to do. YOu hear about the "religious right", not the "religious left" even though it exists. I would prefer a secular government, but the republicans do not seem to be able to seperate the two. Jesus is not a democrat or a republican, but you cannot claim he was not a bleeding heart liberal. He was the original.