Monday, September 27, 2004

Musharraf Says the World is Less Safe

Even our primary partner on the war against terror, Pakistan's President Musharraf, thinks Iraq is a mistake and is distracting from out true goals. CNN's Paula Zahn interviewed President Musharraf (excerpts below). Musharraf expressed his belief that the was in Iraq has made the world less safe and made the fight against terrorism more difficult:

President Musharraf
Aired September 24, 2004 - 20:00 ET

ZAHN: Is the world a safer place because of the war in Iraq?

MUSHARRAF: No. It's more dangerous. It's not safer, certainly not.

ZAHN: How so?

MUSHARRAF: Well, because it has aroused actions of the Muslims more. It's aroused certain sentiments of the Muslim world, and then the responses, the latest phenomena of explosives, more frequent for bombs and suicide bombings. This phenomenon is extremely dangerous.

ZAHN: Was it a mistake to have gone to war with Iraq?

MUSHARRAF: Well, I would say that it has ended up bringing more trouble to the world.

ZAHN: Do you think that the war in Iraq has undermined the overall war on terror?

MUSHARRAF: It has complicated it, certainly. I wouldn't say undermined. It has further complicated it. It has made the job more difficult.

Good going Bush. The one place we need to fight terrorism the most (Afghanistan/Pakistan) is now even harder to do it in.

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